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METAX Group is a leading comprehensive service provider in the field of global technology and finance. It is an international group focusing on science and technology and finance, business development and global digital asset allocation, and is one of the largest investment management enterprises in the world. Adhering to the sustainable business strategy of "science and technology enables finance; finance promotes ecology", METAX leads global users to enjoy the dividends of inclusive finance and promote global economic integration using top-notch technology and finance trading team, along with an innovative and integrated business model,providing users with a comprehensive, safe, efficient and free financial ecological platform.

METAX aims to design a distributed financial infrastructure of the future that connects and exchanges value between different blockchain networks in a decentralized manner. We firmly believe that we can create a financial system that no longer relies on a centralized approach, allowing multiple types of assets moving freely across different chains.

METAX Resource Management

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MTA Public Chain
High-performance Blockchain Network A stable and powerful public chain is the foundation for building all blockchain financial applications. MTA public chain builds a lightweight blockchain network based on the main chain, application chain, EVM and Inter-Blockchain to support the construction and operation of the entire chain application and ecology, which is the foundation of the metaverse.

  • Underlying System: The underlying network for building the metaverse in the future
  • Multi-chain Ecology: Provide more products in the metaverse
  • Distributed Network: Save data permanently
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    Metaverse Autonomous System The advantage of METAX DAO lies in its global, permission-free and decentralized nature. It solves trust issues between people through blockchain technology and truly achieves "code is law". Every line of agreement is operated in strict accordance with the code and cannot be tampered with. METAX DAO is responsible for the operation of the entire METAX group and its ecosystem.

  • Build an unbounded financial ecosystem
  • Operation and development of METAX
  • Support other commercial entities
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    MTA Metaverse
    A Virtual World Beyond Reality The birth of MTA metaverse, a virtual world that is infinitely close to the real world and beyond, requires the continuous progress of technology and most importantly, the added participation of more organizations and individuals. The establishment of public chain and DAO provides the foundation for the development of MTA metaverse, with its growth filled with possibilities.

  • Fairer, more equal and more justice
  • More intelligent and creative
  • More convenient and liberal
  • More digitalized and secure
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    METAX Wallet
    Portal to Metaverse METAX wallet is a completely decentralized digital asset wallet. Based on the public chain, METAX wallet seamlessly links global mainstream assets, which is safe, reliable, and trustworthy to pay through one-click transaction. At the same time, the wallet is also a personal, anonymous account, which is one of the basic portals into the MTA Metaverse.

  • Transaction payment
  • Merchant payment serial connection
  • Multi-chain asset management
  • Multiple DApp connections
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    MTX Exchange
    Quantitative Asset Management Digital asset services support various settlements between parties and provide direct transactions between people. Institutions or individuals from different countries can buy, sell, and exchange other digital currencies or legal currencies (such as US dollars or euros). Its trading is similar to general stock market trading and is incredibly user friendly. K-line diagrams, technical analysis interface, in addition to the ability to list trading reservation orders are present.

  • Cross-border free trade
  • Mainstream currency exchange
  • DeFi investment for wealth management
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    Exchange Platform Token MTT is both a liquid and value token with the advantages of BTC, ETH and FIL. Not only it is the platform currency, but also the token of the internal ecology of METAX group and the future of MTA metaverse. All applications, transactions and payments require MTT, and it is the only circulation token and the core of constructing the entire ecology, equivalent to the value of US dollar and gold.

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    Digital Asset Management To manage users' digital assets, facilitate the rapid flow of valuable assets worldwide, and create new value in circulation. Traditional bank assets are not only risky to trade, but also subject to various intermediary fees. Fast, secure, and guaranteed transfer of asset ownership on MTT platform is accessible with direct trading on the blockchain after asset mapping.

  • Asset management on the chain
  • Asset mapping token
  • One-click link to global assets
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    Quantitative Funds The quantitative investment products created by MTX trusted blockchain is compatible with the global mainstream platform and automatic trading through the automatic intelligent trading system with the core intelligent technology + core algorithm.

  • Compatible with mainstream platforms
  • Fully automated transactions
  • Intelligent matching products
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    DeFi The development of diversified financial DeFi is mainly aimed to encourage user activity within the platform, in order for the public to recognize MTX Exchange and contributing to the development of METAX's global commercial financial system.

    To realize the great goal of "building an orderly and boundless global business world", it is necessary to have a diversified business application ecosystem, a powerful function system, and the financial and commercial ecological circle that comes with it. A powerful, diversified, and abundant business application system is the foundation of the development of the financial system. MTT starts from the business application, uses blockchain technology to revolutionize traditional economic models to implement the rapid transformation from the Internet era to the blockchain era, and finally builds the world's first true, legitimate metaverse.

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