MTX Exchange

Diversified Financial Services

Shared, co-owned and co-governed

At the heart of METAX is the diversified financial trading offered by the MTX Exchange. MTX Exchange provides global digital asset trading users with one-stop financial services such as management, trading and investment, including smart PAMM documentary system, professional documentary team, diversified DeFi products and other trading ecological value closed-loop. In addition, based on community power and the interests of users, MTX Exchange has gradually transitioned to a fully autonomous blockchain digital asset integration ecology in the global community, achieving sharing, co-ownership and co-governance with the community and users:

  • It has the world's leading financial supervision to ensure trustworthiness and safety of funds
  • Brings together global elites such as Jim Rogers and a number of senior consultants to provide strategic services
  • Top in the world with excellent historical performance returns and a good lead in terms of customer returns
  • Transparent trading Pamm system with full visibility of the trading process
  • First segregated funds trust and check in the industry, protected by cooperative banks or trusts for VIP customers
  • Safe and Trustworthy

    MMTX exchange has two financial licenses of the United States, Cayman, and is subject to international financial supervision and security.

  • America MSB
  • Cayman Islands license
  • High Transaction Performance

    MThe trading system of MTX platform adopts distributed parallel technology, which can be expanded at ease with the increase of trading volume. The front end introduces traffic through load balancing, splits the load balancing according to different services, and employs different load balancing for different service flows, so that each services can be expanded as much as possible. At the same time, the traffic portal can be configured dynamically. When a load balancer cannot bear the traffic pressure, the subsequent traffic will be transferred to other load balancers to achieve dynamic expansion. The gateway cluster and business cluster built by ECs can realize parallel expansion and hot expansion.

    Smart PAMM Documentary System

    MTX platform core strategy team comes from Goldman Sachs, JPMORGAN Chase, World Quant and other international first-tier quantitative funds, and has more than 130 traders and technical teams in Canada, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, London, along with in-depth cooperation with the top hedge funds in the Chinese futures market. The smart and professional PAMM system enables users to obtain the best merchandising services, eliminating the need to spend 24 hours on the market, making profits plain sailing.


    Professional traders manage your account

    Top quantitative team provides strategies

    Professional team serves users


    Transparent billing process

    Allocate funds intelligently according to needs

    Automatically follow and place orders


    More efficient than individual stock watching

    Compatible with EA, diversified trading strategy portfolio

    Obtain trading results every month with minimal time and effort